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Our team

Alexandre Beaudoin

Project manager | Corridor écologique Darlington, Biodiversity Advisor | UdeM

Alexandre holds a bachelor's degree in biology from the Université de Sherbrooke and a master's degree in environment and sustainable development from the Université de Montréal, where he set up the university's urban agriculture initiative (2011). A naturalist for ten years, he is currently a biodiversity advisor for the Sustainable Development Unit of the University of Montreal as well as a beekeeper and trainer for the urban beekeeping cooperative, Miel Montreal. He held the position of environmental advisor at Collège André-Grasset for nearly 5 years. In 2016, he began a master's degree in socio-ecology at the University of Quebec in Outaouais on the development of ecological corridors in urban areas. For the past year, he has also been co-president of the Friends of the Mountain Young Leaders group. He has been the leader of the Corridor écologique Darlington project since 2014. It is in this context that he was able to supervise a dozen internships, tutorials and employees who made it possible to expand this ambitious project.


Clement Badra

Coordinator, Corridor écologique Darlington

Keelan Young

Project leader, Corridor écologique Darlington

Elie Comtois

Project leader, Corridor écologique Darlington


Marie-Josée Vaillancourt

Project leader, Corridor écologique Darlington


Laurent Gauthier

Project leader, Corridor écologique Darlington

Our partners

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Our collaborators

Marie Le Mélédo - Landscape architect

Christophe Abrassart - Associate Professor, Faculty of Planning | UdeM

Sophie Lo - Environmental intern

Marine Kunstmann - Urban planning intern

Théo Galichet - Intern in sociology and food

Marc Laverlochère - Project manager in urban agriculture | SOCENV

Nathalie Goudreau - Lecturer, Communication project management

Anouk Desjardins - ing., M.Sc.A. Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering | Polytechnic

And many others...

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